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made Queen
-->this poem is written in response to 2 prompts. The first is to pick up the nearest book and look at page 29, choosing 10 words that resonate and can be used in a poem (the words are underlined here). The second was for the literary device of caesura, which is a fascinating and wildly challenging thing. I had fun with this, and it also drives me mad. All you have to do it pause when you see the parallel marks || while reading as usual.

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Lo to Earth
-->inspired by a some images from tumblr and the prompt "Deus ex Machina", though I know this is very far from the trope. Written in one day for #7Days7Stories as my Sunday entry, and I like it enough that I plan to submit all over the place soon.

It is a strange quirk of Okan that renders the scene of the crime so aggressively… savage, Lo thinks. The blood spreads across the clearing in broad slashes, vibrant and shining like rubies. The low gravitational pull of the planet combined with the heavy atmosphere holds the blood suspended in viscous gobbets in the air around Alex’s body. It forms a screen between them and it, so that Alex is rendered in pieces: a bent right arm flung to the side, legs twisted and one clearly broken, his face buried into the dark vegetation as if he’d fallen forward while running. The slashes across his back are deep, parting fabric and muscles and bone. His g-harness lays around him like a pair of broken wings. His body is limp and still against the planet’s surface. Only the dead can touch the ground in Okan.

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mourning time
-->inspired by deep exhaustion and the longing for sleep

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the empty sky above
--for [personal profile] interfaceleader's prompt: "She would never go home again." I'm sure it isn't what she wanted, but... that's how these things go, I guess. Hope she likes it anyway!

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