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the year-long post of 2017


★★★★★ - transcendent | ★★★★ - brilliant | ★★★ - exciting |
★★ - promising | - solid

i am reading...
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow | (in progress)
Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner | ★★★★
The Duchess War by Milan, Courtney | ★★★
The Heiress Effect by Milan, Courtney | ★★★
The Countess Conspiracy by Milan, Courtney | ★★★

i saw...
Rogue One | ★★★★
Alice Through the Looking Glass | (no stars, incoherent)
Lion | ★★★★
Star Trek Beyond | (no stars, boring and trite)
The Three Musketeers |
Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 |
The Handmaiden | ★★★★★

i am watching...
A Series of Unfortunate Events, season 1 | ★★★★
Black Sails, season 1 | (unfinished, didn't quite grab me)
Supergirl, season 1 | (terrible plotting and villains, good emotional arcs/characters)
The Fall, series 1-3 | ★★★★

i am listening to...
Believer by Imagine Dragons
Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy
In Cold Blood by alt-j

i am writing...
"The Ravine" (novella) | revised/submitted Tor.com (1/11)
Various prompts | in progress
"The Night God" (book 1) | revising in progress
"Princess Dreaming" (novel) | first draft almost complete!

goals with an ampersand are continued from last year. goals with a star are new.

strive for balance
&keep a consistent and regular yoga practice (twice a week or more)
practice meditation
&exercise more creatively, and just more
&spend more time with friends (at least twice a month)
spend time alone each day, without expectation or pressure to accomplish anything
give back (donate money when possible and find ways to volunteer locally)
read more books in a variety of genres
recognize your own accomplishments

become an author
&write every day
&FINISH a novel
get 20 rejection letters

ask yourself, "Why Not?"
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