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Self-Published Writing
~mostly fanfiction~
//cross-posted @ao3//

Fanfiction is listed first, and fanart second. I have not included my fanmixes in this list.

Each work of fanfiction is listed by year, then fandom, then length from longest to shortest. Fanart is listed by year within a general table. Anything created previous to 2012 is likely to be locked to this journal, and can sometimes be found on my AO3 account instead. I don't friend people just so that they can read my old stories. The very oldest fics have been taken off the internet. They were terrible, but I listed them here because I like complete things.

That's about all. Let me know if I've missed something or if a link isn't working.

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Last updated: 1/10/14



Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
by Bird and Book (LJ | AO3)
NC-17; Catherine of Winchester/The Raven King, Gen; 21K
All roads end in death, even the King's Roads. Wherein the Raven King gathers his servants.

Harry Potter
It Was The Tea (The Scheming Remix) (LJ | AO3)
PG-13; Harry/Draco; 4.5K
A remix of [livejournal.com profile] sophia_clark’s Bird Watching, in which Draco isn’t seeing Potter at all, but his mother is just as single-minded as usual.

Spark (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; Loki/Sif; 400 words
She simply asked to see Loki's magic, but Loki never could resist a challenge. Also: shorn, silver, magic, sparring, language, searching, tracking, push, betrayed, freedom
Warrior (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
R; Loki/Sif; 240 words
He takes her hair as his prize. She takes something else. Also: dread, sharp, keen, sinister, reverse, lesson, bend, break, captive, partners, master, strength
Silence & Noise (AO3: 1, 2 | TBC!)
R; Gen; 16K
The only thing they're sure of is that Tony Stark has been kidnapped by Loki. And they're all determined to bring him home.

The Natural (LJ | AO3)
NC-17; Gen (James & Ariadne), Arthur/Eames; 36K
James Cobb tells his father that he’s visiting his sister in London for spring break, but he tells his sister the truth: that he's coming to London to meet a woman who can show him a way into the dreaming - a woman named Ariadne. In the end, like all stories, this is a tale of love.
The Bones of You (LJ | AO3)
PG; Arthur/Eames; 680
There is someone in Arthur's bed.

I Am Number Four
This Hunt (LJ | AO3)
NC-17; John/Sam; 7.7K
The gas station doesn’t have a single map left to sell, and John has been lost for a long time now.

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
A Brokered Peace (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
R; Daenerys/Sansa; 2K
She feeds her peaches, because she is young, and has not been truly loved in a very long time. Also: spring, kneel, negotiation, melt, sow, peaches
The Bracer (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; Jon/Ygritte; 780
“Shall I tell you a secret, Jon Snow?” she whispers. Also: cold, fur, cave, lick, red, blessed, remember, hunt, growl, knowledge, vows, grip
The Fire Thief (LJ | AO3)
R; Jon/Lady Stoneheart; 2.5K
Jon spins her and shoves her back against the steady haunch of his horse, feels the heat under his skin surge, and leans close to press a kiss to her neck.
Disciple (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle
NC-17; Cersei/Sansa; 970
Cersei has a secret locked away in her bedroom, tied tight with silk and silenced with the blade of a knife. Also: knife, replica, concubine, retelling
The Rivers of Winterfell (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; Ned/Catelyn; 1.1K
Summers in Winterfell are deceptively warm. Also: beginning, wolf, smallclothes, winter, tree, gods, celebration, summer, conquest, hair, honor, press
Inquartata (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
R; Jon/Arya; 1.6K
The man fences for money, Jon is told. When he asks what fencing was, she tells him that it is a kind of sword fighting. But this is no kind of fighting that Jon recognizes. Also: adult, changed, snow, wolves, North, swordfights, hair, similarity, mirrors
Enthrone (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; Daenerys/Cersei; 1.3K
It is not her throne any more. Also: murder, Queensguard, enthrone, sun

The Naming (and Unnaming) of a Wandering Star (LJ | AO3)
PG; Neptune/Uranus; 2.2K
In the year 1846, it was the style on the planet Earth to saddle heavenly bodies with the names of gods – thus was the newly discovered giant named for the King of the Seas: Neptune.
Sparkle and Fade (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; St. Patrick's Day/New Year's Eve; 620
Some nights are evanescent and everlasting - especially for the gods. Also: alcohol, winter

Chronicles of Narnia
Queen Upon the Ivy (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; Peter/Susan; 1.2K
A picnic is no fun without at least one illicit tryst. Also: forbidden, allowed, return, reunion, older, sweet, gentle, magnificent, yearning, touch

Pirates of the Caribbean
Knots and Tangles (LJ | AO3 | Porn Battle)
NC-17; Elizabeth/Jack; 1.1K
An interlude in Jack's cabin, along with a comb and some dubious sheets. Also: compass, want, mast, fires, immortality, docks, salt, swaying, secrets, power


~arranged by length, from most prolific fandom to least, longest fic to shortest~

Hringr (LJ: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 | AO3)
NC-17; Loki/Darcy; 17K
She is two steps from the idling car when Loki drops down, shifting midair to land on his feet. The man waiting next to the car reaches for his gun, too slow, and Loki springs from his crouch and lunges for her. Her eyes widen and her mouth opens, but her scream is cut off as a strangled gasp when Loki seizes her and, with a flashing smile, drags her away. Her phone hits the sidewalk and cracks before the flare of light from his magic has faded.
within and without (LJ | AO3)
R; Gen; 10K
Loki dreams things that have never been, and can never be. It's a pity that he can't seem to escape his dreams.
Apples (or, The Quest for Breakfast) (LJ | AO3 | norsekink)
PG; Gen; 4K
In which Loki provides the adventure, and Thor provides the muscle. An Hansel & Gretel AU.
the scroll (LJ | AO3)
PG-13; Loki/Thor; 1.9K
“Go, then. I see there will be no stopping you. But,” he says, halting Thor as he turns to return to his rooms and gather his things, fetch Mjolnir, “beware, my Son. Loki may be your brother, and we all may love him, but you must remember what he is.”
Swelter (LJ | AO3)
R; Loki/Thor; 1.1K
Thor lies on the grass (it is a very hot day), and waits for Loki to arrive (though he doesn't know it yet).
skin and bone (LJ | AO3)
PG-13; Loki/Thor; 800
Thor blinks. "But, brother... I am already yours."
curl (LJ | AO3)
PG-13; Loki/Thor; 600
It took Thor a long time to figure out that the only way to gain Loki’s attention was to force him to be still. He had to be grasped and wrestled into place.
sometimes (always) (AO3)
PG-13; Clint/Natasha; 530
He comes to her at night. Or, Clint is a total creeper.

Sherlock BBC
Arsenium (LJ | AO3)
R; Jim/John; 5.1K
“Now, now,” the man says, and John rounds on him. “I don’t think you need another drink, John Watson.” John jerks back, eyes widening, and slips off the edge of his stool.
Flowers of Antimony (LJ | AO3)
R; Sherlock/John; 2.4K
“—and Sherlock Homes’ll be the one that put it there.” That would never happen. Knowing Sherlock as he already did, John would have bet everything on the fact that no one would ever find one of the bodies Sherlock left behind unless he wanted them to.
Fact (or, Fiction) (LJ | AO3)
NC-17; Mycroft/Moriarty; 1.7K
“He’ll only speak to you, sir.”
The Thing (LJ | AO3)
PG; Sherlock & John (Gen); 1,300 words
In which Sherlock is just as dramatic as usual, John is more cunning than usual, and Mrs Hudson likes her revenge served in very cute package indeed.
Demon (LJ | AO3)
G; Moriarty (Gen); 500 words
Jim’s phone never stops ringing.

The Diving Bell (LJ | AO3)
R; Cobb/Saito; 21.5K
Dom doesn't think he has a choice - it is either leave Saito to die, or remain in Limbo to search for his lost soul - so he stays in the dreaming. But in the end, a choice is the only thing Dom has left.
Bang, Bang. (LJ | AO3)
PG; Arthur/Ariadne; 1K
He followed, two steps behind.
Stardust (LJ | AO3)
G; Gen; 960
“Absolutely untrue!” Yusuf countered.

Harry Potter
Seawater Tea (LJ: 1 + 2 + 3 | AO3)
NC-17; Harry/Draco; 26K
It is their last assignment as Trainee Aurors and the only time they will have to work together (Draco hopes), but then the storm arrives, and Draco’s life gets much more complicated.
Incubus (LJ: 1 + 2 | AO3)
NC-17; Harry/Draco; 17K
In which Harry is a Muggle (but not really), Ron and Hermione are at a loss, Draco is slightly (okay, a lot) fixated, and the solution is both simpler and costlier than imagined.

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Parrot (LJ | AO3)
PG-13; Gen; 3.2K
She would always remember the house with the red door, which she had called home.
Wolf and Comb (LJ | AO3)
PG; Gen; 1.4K
The girl was a snake; that much was obvious.

Satisfaction (LJ | AO3)
NC-17; Arthur/Gwen/Merlin; 2.8K
No excuses, Merlin reminded himself.

Neon, Midnight, Cheap Motel (LJ | AO3)
R; Sam/Dean; 1.6
He knows from experience that to speak is to shatter the spell, to wrench Dean away from this intimacy and leave him bereft behind his walls once again. Sam frowns. He should stop being so maudlin.

The Hour
Ache (LJ | AO3)
G; Gen; 760

The Coldfire Trilogy
Dividers (LJ | AO3)
R; Gen, Gerald/Damien; 2.5K
“…crossing the most treacherous of all mountain ranges, fighting off the nightmare beasts that made those cold peaks their home, braving the wild fae and all that it chose to manifest, their own souls’ nightmares given substance…”
- Black Sun Rises, pg. 21-22

Frankenstein (1931)
Of Thorns (LJ | AO3)
PG-13; Gen; 3.4K
Five people who meet the monster once, and one who meets him twice.


~links go straight to my old master list~

Worlds Afire
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 24K
Arthur is standing in his small apartment, a long match in his hand, blazing with light at its tip, when it begins.
A Brighter Thing
NC-17/ Arthur/Eames; 16K
Eames walks away from the arrivals gate, incomprehensible chatter swirling around him, and the heavy weight of the PASIV in his hand, never dreaming that this machine is real – that it will bring him anything more than a tidy profit.
blood and bone
NC-17; Arthur/Eames, Mal/Dom; 9K
In which Arthur is a Necromancer and everything else is quite a bit different as well.
Before We Were Criminals
PG-13; Arthur/Dom; 3K
A one story house, with white siding and a green front door. It has a child’s stained glass project hanging in the front window, and some fading geraniums in the front yard. And the laundry in the backyard is half-hung.
On a Bridge | (podfic!)
PG-13; Ariadne/Mal; 2.5K
You fall asleep in your living room, golden sunlight streaming through the windows.
Regent's Park
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 1K
'Fuck professional.'
I've seen ads for De Beers, that's it; so don't expect intricacies
PG; Gen; 675
a moment between De-Beers!Cobb and blood-diamond-smuggler!Arthur. (in which Cobb is torn between attraction and moral compassing. and Arthur couldn't give two shits if he tried.)
a very short AU; why can't I stop myself?
PG; Arthur/Eames; 580
Eames/Arthur - heart racing in my skin tight jeans
this is not the mile high club; quite
PG; Arthur/Eames; 580
Eames/Arthur - conversation(s) on a plane

Harry Potter
PG-13; Harry/Draco; 5.2K
You met in the hallways of the Ministry of Magic, and stood on the verge of argument, never knowing what would happen to you next.
A Kiss
PG-13; Harry/Draco; 4.5K
Draco’s parents died a month ago – were killed, more like – and he’s been searching for answers ever since.
The Buzzing Bug
G; Gen; 800
she would barely have noticed if he’d died.
Sunset's Rain
G; Harry/Draco; 715
Draco was in the library.
oh, ubiquitous love.
PG; Harry/Draco; 600
Harry/Draco - it's not a lie if...
Grimmauld Place. Again.
PG; Harry/Severus; 530
Severus/Harry -- the test of true love
my god, did i hit a squick? poke. (LOVES RANDOM PAIRING)
NC-17; James Sirius/Hugo; 500
James Potter II/Hugo Weasley - Breathlessness

I Am Number Four
The Flatbed
NC-17; John/Sam; 1.3K
The autumn heat faded to a whisper weeks ago.
PG; John/Sam; 700
They stop at motels to rest.
PG; John/Sam; 700
Sam is perched on the hood of the truck.

The Fall
PG; Gen; 1.5K
Into an ancient, crumbling palace, the combatants retreat.


~links go straight to my old master list; ff.net links included~

Harry Potter
NC-17; Scorpius/Rose; 13K
She inherited her mother’s hair, and her father’s temper.
Simplicity of the Soul | (ff.net)
PG; Gen; 8.9K
Harry Potter is deaf.
Glasses Lost | (ff.net)
NC-17; Harry/Severus; 6K
Harry is not enjoying Professor McGonagall's party, so he leaves to wander the dungeons.
I Cannot Get Out, Said the Starling
NC-17; Draco/Pansy; 3.5K
His Lord is bright and shining, and leads the hordes to war.
Summertime | (ff.net)
PG-13; Remus/Sirius; 3.2K
Sirius lives a contented life.
Pannuchios | (ff.net)
NC-17; Remus/Sirius; 3.2K
They are together now, for it is all they have left.
The Dead
NC-17; Severus/Remus; 2.5K
Remus wakes.
Talk in a Daze, Walk in a Maze
PG; Gen; 2.3K
Draco answers wrongly.
PG; Harry/Severus; 1.5K
Harry receives an unexpected letter.
A Most Complex and Unusual Birthday | (ff.net)
NC-17; Harry/Draco; 1.3K
Draco wants, and gets, an unusual birthday present.
PG; Harry/Draco; 1.3K
In a bare stone hall at the bottom of the Ministry of Magic.
Moon on Glade | (ff.net)
NC-17; Albus Severus/Scorpius/Giant Squid; 1K
Albus has a surprise. No, not that kind.
Vanished Moments | (ff.net)
PG; Albus/Harry; 770
Small moments plopped in the midst of canon that have been, apparently, forgotten.
Mrs Abbot
G; Gen; 700
Hannah Abbot
PG; Gen; 600
PG-13; Scorpius/Rose; 600
"A rose by any other name…"
NC-17; Harry Severus; 550
He had never been able to concentrate properly in Potions.
Fire Burning on the Dancefloor
PG; Harry/Severus; 500
Funny Eyes of Hazel
PG-13; Sirius/Regulus; 500
Mid-day Delusions
PG; Luna/George; 450
Draco's Hands
PG; Gen; 420
Turn to Stone
PG-13; Severus/Lily; 350
PG; Gen; 350
Like You, Only Sweeter
PG; Gen; 320
Merrier the More
G; Harry/Severus; 250
the White Knight is talking backwards
PG; Harry/Severus; 250
I Remain
G; Gen; 230
Scorpion King
NC-17; Scorpius/Rose; 220
Hands of Glory
G; Gen; 200
Occlumency Again
PG; Harry/Severus; 200
When the Sun Goes Down
G; Gen; 190
Dull the Other Hungers
PG; Gen; 150
G; Albus/Gellert; 150
NC-17; Harry/Severus; 120
G; Gen; 110

Into Nothing
PG-13; Gen; 1.5K
He is sleeping in the back seat tonight...
Now, now.
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 1.4K
They say that dreams are meant for escape.
PG-13; Arthur/Eames; 1.1K
I want Arthur to say he wants a little 'domesticity' instead of 'specificity' on accident due to a Freudian slip and Eames is SMART LIKE A FOX. [Sort of.]
G; Arthur/Eames; 1.1K
Eames returns to their abandoned office.
PG-13; Ariadne/Mal; 1K
Rainbow Flash
PG; Arthur/Eames; 930
They walk like a band of heroes, stepped straight off the film screen.
PG-13; Arthur/Eames; 830
Arthur dressing, Eames watching.
don't blink (lest they come upon you in the night)
PG-13; Arthur/Eames; 800
It's all about the little things.
PG-13; Arthur/Eames; 800
"Are we dreaming?"
Top Floor
PG-13; Saito/Robert; 730
They really shouldn't.
a severe lack of shame
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 450
bite me
PG-13; Arthur/Eames; 430
Angry, maybe sex.
subtleties of design
PG-13; Ariadne/Arthur; 390
G; Gen; 320
Noir, though you wouldn't know it.
subtleties involving consent
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 300
the metal kind
NC-17; Arthur/Robert; 290
The End
G; Dom/Saito; 250
forging Arthur
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 200
subtleties involving kinks
NC-17; Arthur/Eames; 190
Kiss #1
PG-13; Arthur/Eames; 150

Sherlock BBC
Coffee at 221B
PG-13; Gen; 1.9K
John wakes up to find that it's suddenly autumn.
PG; John/Sherlock, Sherlock/Moriarty; 1K
The final confrontation, with their backs to a cliff.
Kiss #2
PG-13; John/Sherlock; 150

Sherlock Holmes
untitled #1
PG; Holmes/Watson; 150
untitled #2
PG-13; Holmes/Watson; 300
Sherlock, In Bed
PG-13; Holmes/Watson; 150

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Come | (ff.net)
PG; Gen; 1.2K
A story of the horrible, terrible Cesare.

Delightedly Dead
PG; Gen; 333

Doctor Who
Underwear, scarves, and ah! A tie.
PG-13; Amy/Rory; 750
This was not how it was supposed to go.


~links go straight to my old master list; ff.net links included~
Harry Potter
Falling, Falling | (ff.net)
M; Harry/Draco; 22K
Harry and Draco go very far back in time. By accident.
Grimoire | (ff.net)
K+; Gen; 14K
Books had always loved Harry. A tale of seven years.
Sick | (ff.net)
T; Harry/Severus; 650
The dungeons are dry
Success | (ff.net)
K+; Gen; 450
In which Draco is not a coward
PG; Gen; 100


~posted under the name Dire Wolfe; all have long since been taken down and only exist in hard copy.~
Harry Potter
Remembering the Future
PG-13; Gen; 7 chapters/~19K
Harry is thrown back in time to the Age of the Founders
PG; Gen; ~10K
For Harry's 25th birthday, he is preserved forever.
The Heir of Lies
PG-13; Harry/Tom; ~4K
Harry dies during the Final battle. Then he doesn't
The Last Tea
R; Harry/OFC (imagined); ~3.5K
Harry has a fan.
R; Gen; ~1.5K
Madness and death.
One Half
PG; Harry/Tom; ~800
Harry and Tom, at the end.
G; Gen; ~400
The statue watches.
PG-13; Gen; ~350
They spare him.
PG-13; Harry/Draco; 250
Draco wants to remember.

The Albion (LJ)
G; Merlin (Gen); 2013
From the author - Racebent historical AU. Arthur, softhearted pirate captain of the Albion, is lead on a ridiculous chase across the Pacific Ocean by Merlin the magical merman, snarker extraordinaire. Arthur is not pleased, except for the part where he is.
In Regent's Park (LJ)
G; Harry Potter (Harry/Draco); 2013
Why has a Regency Period portrait been done of Draco? And why, of all people, is Harry Potter in it alongside him?
Much Later (LJ)
PG-13; Harry Potter (Harry/Draco); 2012
First: Harry fell to his knees, shocked at the sight of what he had done, and reached out grasping for Draco’s hand, desperate to fix it. Then, much later: Draco carded his hand through Harry’s hair; it was thrilling to think that he had reduced Harry to this, turned him into this desperate creature that gasped, shuddered, and writhed beneath him.
Wake (LJ)
G; X-Men: First Class (Gen); 2011
Awareness comes back to him slowly, and it's worse, Darwin thinks hazily, than the time he got run down by a bus in Manhattan. Quite a lot worse, actually, because he's somehow pulling himself back together, a thing he's never needed to do before.
Mal with the Black Eyes (LJ)
G; Inception (Gen); 2011
Arthur Looks Tired (LJ)
G; Inception (Gen); 2010
Relinquish (LJ)
G; Harry Potter (Harry/Draco); 2010
“When school ended…”

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Hi, I'm wanting to read A Brighter Thing. Is it possible I could be granted access? Thanks.

Date: 2014-12-29 03:44 am (UTC)
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Of course! Also, here is the link if you'd like to read it on AO3. (http://archiveofourown.org/works/160645)

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Thank you!

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